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How well will you score? Complete the questionnaire below to see how well your service complies with regulations and best practice.

Do you have the duty Manager's name and photo on display?
Do you have all your Health and Safety Officer Names on display with photos?
Do you have a checklist in your personnel files outlining their content?
Do you have cleaning schedules displayed in each room?
Does your First Aid boxes contain the recommended list from the Childcare Pre-school Services Regulations?
Does the children's work on display link Aistear themes and learning goals?
Do your observations sheets link to Aistear and allow the creation of individual child plans?
Are your menus on display and rotating?
Do you have a daily routine chart?
10 Do you have hand-washing signs in all bathrooms that are age appropriate and child-friendly?
11 Are all your areas defined, signed and labelled?
12 Are all your materials and equipment labelled to promote independence and choice?
13 Are all signs reflective of the languages spoken by children and staff?
14 Have you safe sleep notices on display?
15 Have you sleep schedules on display?
16 Do you produce regular newsletters to develop close partnership with parents?
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